We have been invited to boston.
we need your help:

Community Relationships – Helping us find other groups and organizations who are serving the unhoused in Boston and who would be interested in collaborating. Our partnerships allow us to have the greatest impact on the people we are trying to serve.

City Leadership – We always want to be a good neighbor in the communities we serve. Working with local government, law enforcement, homeless outreach, social service and other groups and individuals is very important.

Fundraising – As a 501c3 charitable nonprofit, ShowerUp needs friends in each city we serve who are willing to help support what we do. Nearly all of ShowerUp’s support comes from individuals, families, local businesses, churches, and local foundations.

Awareness – Sharing about ShowerUp through social media, traditional media, public speaking, podcasts, etc. helps awareness grow and gives us a foundation for building grassroots and community awareness, volunteer cultivation, and donor development.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us through the form below or email

In 2021, homelessness in Boston reached a pivotal moment with the convergence of mental illness and substance use. The encampment on Massachusetts Ave and Melnea Cass Blvd was at the forefront of many discussions. 

  • The total number of families experiencing homelessness increased by 8.7%: 1,190 families were homeless in 2019, to 1,294 families in 2020
  • The total number of homeless persons rose by 6.8%: 3,766 persons in 2019 to 4,021 persons in 2020
We aren't here to make dirty people clean...
we are here to give hopeless people HOPE!

Volunteers are welcome to join us!
Please observe coronavirus prevention best-practices.
We recommend... Social Distancing, Mask Use, ,Hand Sanitizer

Volunteer opportunities are available for EVERYONE…even if you have never done anything like this before!

  • You
  • Your Family
  • Small Group
  • Church
  • Company
  • Community Organization
  • Everyone!

To find out about upcoming events, be sure to check out our Volunteer Sign Up Page