FAQ About Those Experiencing Homelessness, Answered.

There can be a lot of misconceptions about homelessness and those experiencing homelessness. In reality, these are just people who need help like the rest of us. At ShowerUp, we believe that everyone deserves a little bit of hope, grace and love. Without this, how can anyone be motivated to be better? Below we have listed some of the most common questions asked regarding homelessness. Keep reading to learn more!


Can homeless people get jobs?

In simple terms, yes theoretically a homeless person could get a job. With that being said, there is major discrimination based on homeless status and appearance. This can greatly overshadow the applicant’s actual education and skills, which proves more useful in the long run. So although you may think it would be easy for those experiencing homelessness to find jobs in this day and age, there are societal expectations that make this difficult. Homeless communities across the nation are excluded from the workforce due to appearance, lack of home and other irrelevant factors.

How do homeless shelters help?

Homeless shelters, when run correctly, can prove to be incredibly useful for those experiencing homelessness. Both supportive housing and homeless shelters can work to stabilize those experiencing mental health issues and substance use disorders. In addition to this, poverty, unemployment, and lack of affordable housing are commonly recognized causes of homelessness. Providing some of these can greatly reduce the impact of homelessness and work to help lift some out of the cycle.


What do homeless people need?


Experiencing homelessness doesn’t mean the only way to help us to provide a roof over their head or financial assistance. Oftentimes, simple things can make a huge difference. Some of the most important and common things requested by those experiencing homelessness are the following: socks, personal hygiene items, pet food & products, transportation passes, raingear, and most importantly a little bit of compassion.


Why do homeless shelters not work?


Homeless shelters can be incredibly helpful for many experiencing homelessness, and oftentimes they do work very well. With that being said, they could of course use more financial assistance and resources to work for more homeless communities. For example, many times there are not enough beds for the amount of homeless people in certain regions – especially now as homeless rates rise. On top of that, homeless shelters also come with strict regulations which may or may not work with certain schedules for those who have found jobs. Homeless shelters are a fabulous way to assist in the homeless crisis and they do in fact work, but they could use more attention and focus and could be much better for more people.


Where do homeless communities shower?


In most cases, homeless people wash up in any bathroom they have access to. Typically, showers are unheard of. At ShowerUp in NashvilleWichitaHuntsville and Chicago, we provide mobile showers throughout the city and region. We provide showers at various locations, with a schedule located on our website for your convenience. Volunteer with us or donate today! Know of a homeless community in this region? Let us know about it so we can help.