Help The Homeless Near Cape Cod, MA

We have been invited to boston.
we need your help:

Community Relationships – Help us find other groups and organizations serving the unhoused in Boston and interested in collaborating. 

City Leadership – Working with local government, law enforcement, homeless outreach, social service, and other groups and individuals is very important.

Fundraising – As a 501c3 charitable nonprofit, ShowerUp needs friends in each city we serve who are willing to help support what we do. 

Awareness – Sharing about ShowerUp through social media, traditional media, public speaking, podcasts, etc. helps awareness grow and gives us a foundation for building grassroots and community awareness, volunteer cultivation, and donor development.


If you are located on Cape Cod, help us come to Boston, MA. We currently need community partnerships, city leaders, & more on our side.


By sharing the ShowerUp mission with friends and family, you are increasing our chance of helping the homeless population near Cape Cod.