Need A Shower?


ShowerUp was made for you. If you need a shower, just come to any of our ShowerUp events for a FREE, CLEAN, PRIVATE, HOT shower. 

We provide everything you need: a clean towel, toiletry kit, and often socks and underwear. Most of the time we also partner with other organizations that provide additional services. 

Here’s how it works: Show Up. Add your name to the Shower List (look for someone with a clipboard or wearing a ShowerUp shirt). When we call your name, your clean shower is ready for you. Stop by the table and get your towel and shower kit. Our team will show you which shower is yours. Then, SHOWER! The water will be hot. You will be able to lock the door. There’s no time limit but we do encourage you to be as quick as you can so that others can shower after you. When you are done, drop off your dirty towel in our collection bin and put your trash in the trash can. 

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