ShowerUp is Heading to Boston, MA: How To Help?

Boston has always had an issue with homelessness, specifically on Massachusetts Ave and Melnea Cass Blvd. Due to COVID-19 as well as increased gentrification in certain areas, the issue has become much worse. At ShowerUp, we believe that everyone deserves access to basic necessities such as showers, personal hygiene products, and even clean apparel. Keep reading below to learn more about why we will be heading to Boston, MA for our next ShowerUp community. 


The Issue of Homelessness in Boston, MA 

We have learned through the years that there is no solid cause for homelessness, therefore no simple solution. Individuals of all ages become homeless for many different reasons, including loss of job, mental illness, addiction, health issues, or a combination of them all. We do know that in order to start solving this complex issue, there will need to be a variety of different initiatives. One of which is providing homeless communities with the gift of cleanliness. 

Here are a few brief statistics on the Boston homelessness crisis the past few years: 

  • The total number of families experiencing homelessness increased by 8.7 percent (1,190 families were homeless in 2019 to 1,294 families in 2020)
  • The total number of homeless persons rose by 6.8 percent (3,766 persons in 2019 to 4,021 persons in 2020)

In 2021, homelessness in Boston reached a pivotal moment with the convergence of mental illness and substance use. The tent encampment at the intersection of Massachusetts Ave and Melnea Cass Blvd was at the forefront of many political and policy discussions. Even before this visual representation in Boston existed, the issue of homelessness has always been a constant issue in the city. 


ShowerUp Hygiene Services in Boston, MA

ShowerUp is always looking for new locations that are struggling with large groups of homeless communities. Gatherings of homeless communities, such as those on Mass and Cass, are typically handled by being removed from the area. ShowerUp will put emphasis and focus on improving their lifestyle and helping them out of the homelessness cycle. 

At the start of the pandemic, we were able to predict to an extent how this would inevitably affect the current communities living in homelessness. Now nearly 3 years later, we are seeing the lasting effects in areas such as Boston, and it’s our time to act. Thanks to all the support we receive across the country through donations and awareness, we have been able to help more and more communities. 


Get Involved with ShowerUp! 

ShowerUp works to bring hope, grace, and love to all communities experiencing homelessness. If you would like to get involved in ending the barriers to homelessness, we provide mobile showers and personal hygiene services to homeless communities in Nashville, Chicago, Wichita, Huntsville, and soon Boston!

Get started today by volunteering, donating, or sharing with someone experiencing homelessness. If you are located in or near Boston, MA, we are working on building our connections in the city – contact us to get involved by calling us at 888-210-0777.