The Homeless Crisis in America and How You Can Help

At ShowerUp, our mission is to provide those experiencing homelessness with basic necessities, such as personal hygiene products and access to showers. In January of 2020, there were 580,466 people experiencing homelessness in America. On top of this, there are greater risks associated with gender, race, and/or ethnicity – males are far more likely to experience homelessness than females. Additionally, communities of color and those who are historically marginalized are much more likely to be disadvantaged within the housing and homelessness spheres. These disadvantages include higher unemployment rates, lower incomes, less access to healthcare, and higher incarceration rates.

Our mission is rooted in the desire to assist those experiencing homelessness and those lacking adequate places to sleep. Although the US has a system of very temporary shelters, sleeping locations are far from adequate – with many experiencing homelessness sleeping on sidewalks, subway stations, parks, etc. On top of this, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a predicted increase of approximately 250,000 people, within the already growing and overcrowded homeless population.  With these far from fair sleeping conditions, the least we can do is provide homeless communities with basic hygiene products and services. With that being said, we can all do more to help!


How Can You Help?

With the homeless population increasing, wanting to lend a helping hand is only natural. With that being said, in a time of COVID-19 and uncertainty, finding the right way to help can be difficult. We have assembled ways that you can help those experiencing homelessness, with or without money!

Donating anything from canned foods to winter jackets is a great way to assist those in need. For those that are busy and may not be able to volunteer, or for those who may not have the ability to write a check, a donation is a great way to lend a helping hand.

Another great way to assist those experiencing homelessness is to promote nearby shelters via flyers. Homeless communities don’t have the ability to search google to find nearby shelters, and sometimes it can be discouraging to even try. Utilizing your creative skills by building flyers that help promote not only shelters but also other resources available to homeless communities is an excellent way to support those experiencing homelessness in communities near you.

Volunteering at your local shelter or non-profit is imperative to keep these organizations up and running. After the COVID-19 pandemic, and with the already growing employee shortages, volunteering your time for free, if you are able, is a great way to make sure these local organizations stay around to assist homeless communities.

Participating in a fundraising event or building your own fundraiser for special occasions is another great way to encourage those around you. Raising the finances that contribute to building shelters, or providing resources, is a realistic and successful way to help out.

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​At ShowerUp, we provide mobile showers and personal hygiene products to those experiencing homelessness in Nashville, Wichita, Huntsville, and our newest location, Chicago. Visit our website today to sign up to volunteerdonate, or learn more about our mission!