What Can Local Communities Do To Help The Homeless?

There are many ways to help people experiencing homelessness beyond giving out money on the street. You can take steps to empower organizations working in the field to help people experiencing homelessness. 

If you want to do more to help, keep reading below for some of the most practical ways you can help the homeless in your local community.

1. Promote nearby shelters.

Do research around you and discover who provides homeless services in your area. Please familiarize yourself with their locations and any sites that they serve. By making small cards with contact and location information, you can provide this life-saving information to those without shelter or access to technology. ShowerUp provides our mobile shower and personal hygiene service to communities in Nashville, Wichita, Huntsville, Chicago, Hartford, Chattanooga, and Boston. Help spread the word about our mission to those experiencing homelessness.

2. Donate clothes.

Shelters are always looking for new and gently used clothes. These items go very fast when assisting the homeless, so it is essential to provide these necessities continuously. Especially personal hygiene items and socks are some products that could truly help change the situation of many people experiencing homelessness. If you want to go above and beyond, share with others that you’re making the donation and volunteer to bring over any items that others no longer need. 

3. Volunteer your time.

Many homeless shelters and organizations serving the homeless could always use extra hands-on assistance. In many instances, they have staff who will cultivate volunteer relationships, and you could gain a regular shift at the shelter. This is an opportunity to get involved in your community, meet those around you that you may not know, and help those experiencing homelessness.


4. Fundraise.

With crowd-funding options like GoFundMe and donation options on social media, it has never been easier to find support for a cause or organization. That said, never underestimate the power of in-person events like bake sales and school campaigns to get people in the donating mood. In addition, politicians can dictate your community’s funding levels for homeless services and housing options. Learn candidates’ proposals on homelessness and support those who echo your values.

5. Get Involved with ShowerUp


Many communities experience homelessness, including unaccompanied teens and families with young children. At ShowerUp, we assist everyone experiencing homelessness, regardless of age or marital status. Visit our website to learn more about what we do and how we help and get involved today.