Where To Find Access To Free Showers Near You? 

Homeless communities across the country are constantly fighting for necessities such as personal hygiene services and products. ShowerUp provides those experiencing homelessness in major cities across the US with mobile showers and hospitality stations. Here are some places where you can find free access to showers and toiletries if you are currently struggling with homelessness. 







Wichita, KS Free Shower for Homeless Communities

ShowerUp provides those experiencing homelessness in Wichita, KS, with mobile showers and personal hygiene necessities. In Sedgwick County, between 750 and 1200 men, women, and children were experiencing homelessness from 2018 to 2019. There was a 3.5% increase as more people found themselves on the street. With the recent COVID-19 crisis, unemployment rates have exploded from 3.8% to 19.3%, which means that those that have been “fragilely housed” may find themselves unhoused and in need of resources.


Access to Free Showers in Chicago, IL

Chicago is home to nearly 10 million people, and about 80,000 are categorized as “unhoused.” ShowerUp is constantly providing Chicago homeless communities with those who are the most in need. Everyone deserves to have access to basic hygiene and personal care. ShowerUp also brings dignity, hope, and love to all friends experiencing homelessness, no matter their situation. Our outreach includes a mobile shower unit, shower kits, socks, underwear, and everything needed for our unhoused brothers and sisters in Chicago. If you have questions about ShowerUp, sponsorship, volunteering, etc., please contact us today. 


More ShowerUp Locations That You Should Know Of

ShowerUp provides those experiencing homelessness in Nashville, TN, Huntsville, AL, and the above locations with mobile showers and personal hygiene necessities. Our mission is to build relationships, restore hope, and show love by providing those in need with shower services and personal care. To get involved and help our mission across the country, visit our how to help page